1] About Raw Banana Flour-

Mystique has been catering to a varied clientèle since the last 10 years,the percentage demanding for sugar free, gluten free, vegan ,whole wheat or flour-less cakes and cookies has been on the rise.

Eager to get a new break through and wanting to serve my clientèle a new range of health products had become my priority. That’s when I discovered raw banana flour.The benefits of this flour along with easy application in my field gave me the enthusiasm & courage to try out new recipes and develop the same for my clients.


The benefits of Raw Banana flour being:

  • Provides with the daily required fibre in our diet.
  • It gives us full nutritional value since it contains all the necessary minerals and vitamins required.
  • It REPLACES refined flour, whole wheat flour and cornflour.
  • Is Gluten free.
  • Is low in sugar too and also contains high resistance starch, hence could be consumed by diabetics too since the starch present in this flour improves insulin sensitivity.
  • Lowers Cholesterol, aids digestion.
  • The resistant starch in this flour gives us a feeling of fullness and satisfaction, reducing frequent hunger pangs and in the long run helps weight loss.
  • It is 100% natural without any chemicals and preservatives.


The above benefits challenged me to experiment with banana flour and get a break through in healthy baking and finally after a lot of trial and error,  banana flour has successfully been included in my recipes today. The feat I proudly conquered was making my products eggless, so that they could be consumed by the Jain community who constitute a large volume of my clientele, when they fast in the month of Paryushan .

2] Process of making raw banana flour –

-green bananas are thoroughly washed,followed by visual inspection.

-peeled, pulped,standardizing,concentrating and finally dehydrating all done at low temperatures in order to maintain its flavor , colour and nutritional value at all times, after which it is then packed.

Healthy , Gluten-free goodies made with Kadhali Raw Banana Flour


Guilt Free Mango Smoothie with Kadhali Raw Banana Flour


Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Pistachio Cookies

Made With Kadhali Raw Banana flour.

Gluten Free Vegan Brownies
Healthy Jowar Brownies with the goodness of olive oil and Kadhali Raw Banana flour.
Gluten Free -Pure Marzipan
Gluten Free -Pure Marzipan with the rich filling of badam, pista and anjeer and the goodness of Kadhali Raw banana flour enrobed with almond marzipan

Traditional Xmas Plum Cake

Made with Kadhali raw banana flour.

3] Introducing Kadhali Raw Banana flour in your diet- 

Banana flour can be replaced in your diet by using 80% of it as against any other flour such as refined flour (maida), corn flour or wheat flour. Its light and airy texture, aids in baking, and its wholesome taste adds value to your meal.

To start your day, you could make Upma with this flour,Sheera , just a tablespoon of this in your milkshake would work wonders ,waffles,pancakes and a wholesome yummy yogurt too.

Moving onto lunch- you can make wholesome tasty rotis ,puris, theplas with this flour too.

Snack time- banana flour makes yummy masala sev, chaklis, wafers, chevda too.

Dinner- once again you could make the similar options given for lunch, also you could make a white sauce for your pasta dishes and make it healthier to eat.

Any Soup too could be thickened with this instead of using the unwanted refined flour in your diet.

Include banana flour in your diet, the options are unlimited.


GLUTEN FREE / VEGAN – Banana crumble cake – if grains give you pains, this cake this cake is ideal for guilt free snacking.

4] Nutritional Value :

Sugar content is low in this flour. It contains all the necessary nutrients required by the body-

– Calcium, Potassium, Vit B6, zinc, Vitamin C, Dietary fibers and Potassium.

5] Shelf Life-:

6 months and even upto 1 year if refrigerated and kept away from moisture & excessive heat.

6] Cancellation:

If, for any reason, you wish to change or cancel your order you can do so by calling +91 9821246373 between 10am -6 pm, or email [email protected] Please give at least 24 hours notice before the requested delivery date.

Order cannot be cancelled or modified within 24 hrs from delivery date.

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Please note that no refund will be provided once the delivery is done from
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Our support team will process a quick investigation on your order and in case of any quality / service failure found, we assure to re-deliver your product within next 24 hours.

7] Delivery information –

Delivery as per the website would remain the same for banana flour too.

8] Return policy –

Product once purchased will not be accepted back.



Glutenfree White Chocolate and Mango Muffins


Gluten Free Energy Bars with Kadhali raw

banana flour,roasted nuts,cinnamon and maple


Glutenfree Signature Orange and Dark Chocolate Cake