Kadhali-Healthy,Sugar-free,and Gluten free brownies

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Hi friends! The reason for me sharing this amazing recipe with you is, the awareness lately to eating healthy is really becoming viral and it gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction to see not only elders and diabetics, but also moms feeding kids healthy cookies and crackers irrespective of the cost factor,

This experience got my mind ticking and super excited to share a recipe for a health brownie with all of you. So finally this afternoon, I baked this SUGAR FREE health brownie. Believe me friends, you cant make out the difference at all. Its yumm, healthy, sugar free, fudgey and gooey like a regular brownie with a slight crust on the surface.

Hope you are as excited as i am to try this out.


100 gms Kadhali raw banana flour

390 gms dark chocolate

240 gms applesauce / or 4 eggs

50 gms Seedless Dates

45 ml Classic Olive oil

150 gms Almond meal.


1] Preheat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Line an 8″ square cake tin with foil paper and grease it.

2] Melt the dark chocolate in a microwave and cool it to room temperature.

3] Blend the dates and the olive oil in a mixer to make a smooth paste.

4] Mix this paste along with the chocolate thoroughly. Beat well with an electric beater.

5] Add the applesauce or  beaten eggs  to the above batter and beat for a few minutes.

6] In another bowl, mix the Kadhali flour along with the almond meal.

7] Fold the flour into the wet ingredients and beat well.

8] Transfer the batter into your pan and smoothen it with a spatula.

9] Bake at 180 Celsius for 15-20 minutes or till the toothpick comes out clean.

10] Cool the brownie on a wire rack, Turn over after 10 minutes and let it cool completely.

11] Cut into 16 squares.You can dust icing sugar on the top or as an option drizzle melted chocolate over them.

12] Enjoy and sink your teeth into these health beauties without guilt.

Hope you will try this recipe soon and please do give me feedback on the same.Awaiting your replies.

Till then ….. 🙂

6 Responses

  1. Reetika Dargan

    Your brownies are sinfully tasty. They are a gluten free delight!!

  2. Smita dedhia

    Today made brownie but did not put oil into it and also no Apple sauce or egg.
    But it came out very well.Tastes just like normal brownie.
    Wow I got alternative to wheat flour.

    • Namrata Shastri

      Wow!! amazing Smita really happy to hear about your achievement with Kadhali.
      It would he;p if you could share your recipe,it would help others trying the flour.
      Happy baking!!

  3. Kshitija1

    What is almond meal can we make.it at home.or buy from outside if yes from.where in mumbai thanks for the recipe.

    • Namrata Shastri

      Hi, sorry for the late reply,almond meal can be made at home easily by just putting the whole almond with the skin in the mixer and blitzing it till resembles coarse flour.Do not mix it for too long just a couple minutes or else the oil from the almond would be released.
      If you like we can supply you the same too. Do let me knw.Many thanks! hope the above info helps you.

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