Making of Banaddictions

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Banaddictions- Healthy Desserts from Mystique Confections


Food can heal. It is therapeutic provided  it has carefully chosen ingredients.

Now you don’t need to desert your share of dessert after a meal just because you are diabetic or on a weight loss programme  or resistant to gluten.

If you are a conscientious eater, or an aspiring vegan or an ethical eater but don’t want to miss on sweetmeats, we have an answer for you.

You can still celebrate your moments of joy, victory , pride, success,achievement by saying,

“kuchh meetha ho jai”




There is no white in its bite!

No Gluten, No Gluttony!


Perfectly inspired by traditional  Prasadam  for lord Ganesha, Banaddictions are truly a confection  of  two  healthy ingredients kadhaliphal and mewa!


Gluten Free Dry Fruit Laddios- Traditional Celebration without frustrations!


Gluten Free Walnut Crumble Cake- Have your cake and eat it too!


Gluten Free  Chocolate chips,pista and sea salt cookies – Lips agape, hips in shape!

This piece is curated by Ritu Garg of writing Zen Crayons.

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